The ideal solution for small and extensive dental surgeries

Omnia standard sets have a default composition and include dressing sets and procedure kits.
They allow surgeons, dentists and assistants to have a single sterile pack complete with everything, without having to manage the inventory of a large number of articles/suppliers. This saves time and money and allows concentrating on the surgery and the patient's needs.
The standard sets are divided into two types: dressing sets and procedure trays.


A wide range of accessories for the safety of staff and patients

Dressing sets are packaged in handy sterile and disposable packets, which guarantee a high level of comfort and adapt to different types of operations.
They contain all the items required to protect the medical staff, the patients and the surfaces.


Disposable sterile gowns are the ideal protection for all dental professionals. They are made of non-woven fabric with specific weights and materials according to the intended use, in order to offer maximum hygiene and protection to operators and patients.
The Ethylene Oxide (EtO) Sterilisation Process ensures a 5-year sterility, unlike the few weeks given by normal ambulatory sterilisations carried out in an autoclave. Gowns made in Softesse® material or SMS Microfiber are wrapped in medical paper and contain 2 towels.

Surgical Drapes

Omnia drapes are suitable both for covering operating room surfaces and for covering and protecting the patient.
The drapes for the surfaces are made of double-layer NWF, where one layer (absorbent) quickly stems any liquid, whilst the other is equipped with a 100% waterproof structure which guarantees a total barrier against fluids and microorganisms.
The drapes to cover the patient are made both in absorbent / waterproof NWF and in Softesse®. The entire surface is waterproof and they are equipped with liquid control systems and adhesive applications (U split, hole or adhesive side) to ensure a secure and precise fastening improving the extent of the sterile fields.


The 3-ply NWF Spiritus Plus® masks are fluid resistant and available with ties or round non-allergenic elastics and also with protective visor.
The layers are sealed at the sides with an ultrasonic process that prevents the entry of bacteria. The hypo-allergenic fibreglass-free NWF ensures high bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) and low breathing resistance. The nose bar is made of mouldable aluminium and runs along the entire length of the mask.

Headgear and gloves

Caps and headgear are essential elements for correct management of hygiene protocols in the dental environment.
They are available in various models, colours and materials, for surgical use and use in outpatient clinics. The shapes available and the choice of materials have been designed to ensure the best comfort and protection throughout the entire working day. The sterile anatomic gloves are made of latex with a low level of allergenic proteins and with a small amount of powder.

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For a safer and more effective operating theatre

The Omnia procedural sets consist of the combination of disposable medical devices which follows the surgeon step by step: from dressing to surgical instruments. All items are carefully stacked in the order agreed with the surgeon, so as to optimise his work time. Procedural sets consist of different types of products in addition
to the dressing articles.

Irrigation system

A vast range of mechanical irrigation lines, specially made for most physiodispensers on sale. The irrigation systems are complete with perforator, roller or clamp for flow control, hose fittings and integrated peristaltic pump section.

Protection of the dental unit

They guarantee the health of the medical staff and patients. The protections offer a real barrier effect for the seats and seatbacks of the dental unit and for the operator's seat. They are made of waterproof NWF, in universal size with elastic laces and retention ties.

Suction systems

Omnia suction sets are designed for disparate surgery applications and for medical procedures in general. They are available with grips and tips of various shapes and sizes according to the specific needs of the physician.

Accessories for surgery

A vast range of accessories for carrying out any type of intervention: sheaths and protections for instruments and physiodispensers, medical adhesives, gauzes and pads.

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The best way to answer your specific needs

Omnia offers the possibility of assembling customised procedure trays in order to meet the specific needs of the medical staff, of the single operation and the structure of the operating room.