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To help you improve the efficiency of your operating theatre, Omnia has developed a selection of products and disposable medical devices which may be assembled and customised to your specific needs.You will therefore optimise time and work costs and be able to focus your attention on the care of your patients.

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Find out how to improve the quality of your performance and create an optimal working environment


Omnia sets are ready for use and complete with all the necessary items already stacked in the order agreed with the medical staff


Omnia sets comply with European directives on medical devices and guarantee the necessary safety in the operating theatre thanks to their excellent product quality.


Omnia sets simplify and streamline preparation of the operating theatre with a considerable saving of time and costs


Omnia sets contain all items useful to the medical staff for the relevant operation in order to reduce waste and environmental impact


Our online configurator allows you to choose the tools that best suit your needs and to assemble your set

Our comprehensive product range ensures total flexibility in the choice of items; you can therefore create a set which meets the needs of your medical staff, of the single operation and of the operating theatre. You can contact the company or our agents and distributors in your area at any time: we will help you to choose the ideal components and features in order to create an efficient procedure tray.


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Thanks to its relevant expertise and valuable advice, Omnia has become an indispensable partner for many. Read the opinions of those who have already chosen us and find out how Omnia procedure trays can help you make a difference and remain competitive in the market.

Sascha A. Jovanovic

Dr. Sascha A. Jovanovic

Periodontist and Implant Surgeon, Los Angeles - California

“Omnia products has given me an efficient, safe and high quality way to control sterility for my patients during surgical implant procedures"

Paul Stone BDS, FDS, RCS(Edin)

Dr. Paul Stone BDS, FDS, RCS(Edin)

Specialist Oral Surgeon & Clinical Director, Blackhills Clinic - UK

“The ability to provide bespoke drape and gown packs for both Specialist surgeons means that we can continue to maintain the quality of care necessary for our patients. Omnia were very helpful with setting up the different packs and their service has been excellent throughout the whole process.”

Daniele Cardaropoli

Dr. Daniele Cardaropoli

DDS Dentist, SIDP and SIO Active Member, Scientific Director PROED Turin, Italy

 "We have been using Omnia procedure trays for periodontal and implant surgery for several years. The possibility of exchanging views with the Company and their great availability has allowed us to have customised sets prepared for us, specifically designed for us according to our requests and needs. Preparing the surgical site has therefore become a fast, precise and effective procedure, carried out to perfection by the auxiliary personnel of our Clinic. Controlling sterilisation certainly represents the first step in order to perform surgical operations successfully".